First Training Session is Here – April 5!

Good Morning Galloway – Welcome to the start of the 2014 Training Season!

LOCATION – Our location this week is Washington & Lee High School – 7:30 AM

The address is: 1301 N Stafford St. Arlington, VA 22201.

Our workout this week

Fitness Walkers – 30 minute Walk

Getting Started 5K – 1 Mile

10 Mi thru Marathon – 3 miles including Magic Mile

We will meet at the track – and break into groups.  The walkers will head out after the service talk.  The 10 milers thru Marathon will take to the trail for 3/4 of a mile and then return to the track.  At the track you’ll be broken into groups and assigned a group leader who will take you to a starting point on the track to run your timed mile.  Following your timed mile, you’ll walk or run/walk 2 laps to cool down.  Following your cool down, check in with your leader and cover any questions you have with them, Floyd or Liza.  The Getting Started crew will take to the track for their mile while everyone else is on the trail .  When you finish your mile work with your leaders on any questions you have.

Equipment – Everyone is required to carry water with them when we workout together.  No water, No Workout!  Hydrating is a necessary habit and the earlier you start, the better.  You may not need it tomorrow, but you never know and self-sufficiency is a goal of the program that we begin teaching on day one.

Optional equipment that has proven useful – a cell phone, cash or credit card, ID and health insurance card.  If you wear contacts, a small bottle of re-wetting solution.  You should also keep a full change of clothes and shoes in your car, and a light snack and a bottle of water or sports drink.  We often go for breakfast following a run – sitting around in wet clothes isn’t fun and you run the risk of getting sick by staying in your wet running gear.

Equipment that must be left at home is music with earphones.  You are not allowed to wear earphones when you train with us on Saturdays.  It is a safety issue and, if your ears are plugged, you miss out on lots of learning that takes place on the trail.  If you join the group, you are agreeing not to wear headphones, by signing the waiver.  No exceptions will be made.

Safety – If you have valuables that you want to put in your trunk, do this at home.  You never know who is watching you put your purse or wallet in your trunk and head out for a run.  They can get in and out of your car in a matter of seconds, and we will be running for 30 minutes or more.  This is no guarantee, but it’s a good start.

Be aware of bikes and other runners, walkers, jog strollers and the occasional skater on the trail.  Yield to bikes at all times and move off the trail to make any adjustments.  We run two abreast, no more.  Two abreast is a nice to have, but you will often need to run single file based on trail conditions or congestion.  Listen for people wanting to pass you on your left.

Car Keys – We do not have anyone who will be able to hold your car keys for you.  Be sure that you are able to carry them with you while you’re working out.  There are all kinds of mini-pockets and pouches that you can use to hold keys and phone.

Sign out Sheets – We sign out when we take the trail and sign in when we are done.  Our goal is to make sure everyone returns from the run.  If your boxes aren’t marked when we finish a workout, we will call your emergency contact to see if they’ve heard from you.  Be sure we know where you are so that no one worries or is alarmed unnecessarily.

We look forward to seeing everyone in the morning.


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