Galloway Training – April 19 – 7:30 AM – Washington & Lee High School

OUR LOCATION – this week is Washington & Lee High School. Meet and park in Parking Lot A at 7:30 AM.  This lot is to the left of the school if you’re facing the front of the school on N. Stafford Street.

The address is: 1301 N Stafford St. Arlington, VA 22201.  Street parking also available.

You can find specific directions to the school by pasting this link into your browser.

Join us for breakfast after the run at COSI near the Virginia Square metro.  Please bring cash or your credit card.

COSI  – 3503 Fairfax Drive

Arlington, VA


REMINDERS – No water, No run!  Safety is our first priority in the program and carrying water is step one.  It helps you to be self-sufficient on the road.  Some need more water or sports drink than others, and will carry a bigger bottle or two – just as long as you have something with you for each run.

Share the trail – There are runners, walkers, cyclists, strollers, dogs and the occasional in-line skater out there with us.  While we may enjoy running and walking two-abreast, this is not always wise.  Whenever there is congestion or a possible safety concern coming at you or from behind, it’s our duty to do whatever we can to minimize congestion and avoid accidents.  When it’s necessary to run single-file, anyone in the group can call out “single-file” and everyone needs to adjust.  If a bike is coming at you call out “bike up” and if they are coming from behind it’s “bike back”.  If you need to stop to make an adjustment, don’t just stop where you are.  Slow down, and when it’s safe, move off the trail, make your adjustment and then safely rejoin folks on the trail.  Cyclists are our biggest concern right now.  They move quickly and at speeds of 20 mph or more, it’s hard for them to stop or maneuver and avoid hitting pedestrians.  Yield to the cyclists every time.

REGISTRATION – Registration is open for the 29 week programs and the Getting Started Program.  Please be sure to register by April 30.  If you don’t register by that date, we will assume that you don’t plan to join us for the season, and will stop bugging you with email.  Pace Group Leaders – you will receive a separate email with your registration instructions.  Link to registration – and search Metro DC Galloway.


Our Workout this week –

Fitness Walkers – 30 Minutes

Getting Started 5k – 1.5 Mile

10 Mile, Half and Full Marathon – 5 Miles

WEEKLY TOPIC – First – please be sure to check out our website –  We are putting more and more information out there and it’s becoming a resource, thanks to member feedback.  Liza is the “webmaster” and is working on testing password protecting documents.  If the test goes well, the drama of receiving/not receiving emails may become a thing of the past.

Question this week had to do with To Run in the Rain, or Not Run in the Rain.  Running in the rain is a personal choice, however, your decision needs to be based on your answer to this question – “Will you still do your race if it’s raining on race morning?”  If you can’t answer this question with a resounding “No!”, then you must do some of your training in the rain.

Part of your training is learning how your body responds, reacts and recovers from training in most weather conditions, excluding electrical storms.  If there’s an electrical storm, take your training indoors and look for your race to be postponed, cancelled or cut short.  Galloway training takes place in all kinds of weather and temps because you never know what it will be like on race day.  Heat and rain are particularly tricky because of their potential impact to you and your body.  We will talk about heat later in the season.  For now let’s focus on April Showers.

Rain is a welcome guest for most if the temperature is above 45 or 50 as it keeps you from getting too warm.  We find that a hat with a good bill and a jacket that repels water and has a secure hood are the perfect combination and some like a pair of gloves in cooler temps.  The latest trick is putting plastic on over your socks to keep your feet drier.  You will need enough plastic to come out of your shoes a bit, or the plastic will come off and your feet will get wet.  Some don’t mind wet feet and plastic or not, either way is fine.

Another reason to train in the rain is to find out if and where you chafe.  Some of us don’t chafe at all once we are wet, but others do.  You need to know which camp you are in and plan accordingly.  Because you can chafe almost anywhere, it’s hard to list all of the tricks you can try, but there are lots of remedies and most are pretty inexpensive and common sense.  Once you chafe, speak with members of this program or consult your favorite online running resource for suggestions for protecting your sensitive areas.

 The last thing to know about running in the rain is, “get out of your wet gear ASAP!”  Be sure to pack a dry change of clothes, shoes and socks to have in your car or drop bag (if you’re racing).  Change into your dry gear right away so you don’t get a chill.  As soon as you’re dry, get a warm beverage and start warming from the inside out.  This is the best way to fight off an opportunistic bug.  Athletes are susceptible to germs because the body is focused on post-workout recovery and muscle repair and not on bolstering the immune system.  Do your part and give your immune system less to worry about.

While there’s no guarantee that you won’t get sick from running in the rain, following these steps gives you better odds of staying healthy.  One caveat – if you’ve trained to workout in the rain and your race is a few weeks away, skip a rainy run and hit the treadmill.  No need to tempt fate.  You’re trained enough and have an idea of how your body will respond.  One treadmill workout won’t tank your race.

See you Saturday!

Floyd, Liza and your PGLs




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