Galloway Training – April 26 – 7:30 AM – Washington & Lee High School

OUR LOCATION – this week is Washington & Lee High School.  Meet and park in Parking Lot A at 7:30 AM.  This lot is to the left of the school if you’re facing the front of the school on N. Stafford Street.

The address is: 1301 N Stafford St. Arlington, VA 22201.  Street parking also available.

You can find specific directions to the school by pasting this link into your browser.          

                                            NOTE: Location change coming on May 3 – stay tuned!

Join us for breakfast after the run at COSI near the Virginia Square metro.

Please bring cash or your credit card.

COSI  – 3503 Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA

REMINDERSNo water, No run!  Safety is our first priority in the program and carrying water is step one.  It helps you to be self-sufficient on the road.  Some need more water or sports drink than others, and will carry a bigger bottle or two – just as long as you have something with you for each run.

Share the trail – There are runners, walkers, cyclists, strollers, dogs and the occasional in-line skater out there with us.  While we may enjoy running and walking two-abreast, this is not always wise.  Whenever there is congestion or a possible safety concern coming at you or from behind, it may be necessary to run single-file.  If a bike is coming at you call out “bike up” and if they are coming from behind it’s “bike back”.  If you need to stop to make an adjustment, slow down, and when it’s safe, move off the trail, make your adjustment and then safely rejoin folks on the trail.  Cyclists move quickly and at speeds of 20 mph or more.  It’s hard for them to stop or maneuver and avoid hitting pedestrians.  Yield to the cyclists every time.

Registration – Registration is open for the 29 week programs and the Getting Started Program.  Please be sure to register by April 30.  If you don’t register by that date, we will assume that you don’t plan to join us for the season, and will stop bugging you with email.  Pace Group Leaders – you will receive a separate email with your registration instructions.  Link to registration – and search Metro DC Galloway Training.

WEBSITE – Our website is  The Members Only tab houses the schedule for the season and the recipes shared during the 2013/2014 winter program.  Once you register, you will receive the password to access this section.  Everything else in the site is open access.  As the website is constantly under construction, please give us feedback regarding information that you’d like to see posted on the site.

Our Workouts this week

Fitness Walkers – 40 Minutes

Getting Started 5k – 1.5 Mile

10 Mile, Half and Full Marathon – 6 Miles

WEEKLY TOPIC – What to eat before a run or walk  Our workouts are starting to get longer and heading out the door on an empty stomach is going to backfire on you in the coming weeks.  Now is the time to think more about fueling your workouts.   Fuel doesn’t mean a big or complicated meal.  Fuel means consuming nutrition of about 200 calories 30 – 60 minutes before we meet.  You don’t need a meal, you just want something to get you going and to help your brain and muscles get moving.  You want to eat 30 – 60 minutes before we meet as you need to give your body time to process the food.  By processing I mean, you also need to consider how this will impact your bladder and colon and plan accordingly.  For some, this will mean eating as soon as you wake and let your body process  your “breakfast” while you get dressed.  This may allow you to handle your business just before you head out the door, or as soon as you get to our meeting spot.  This will help you avoid having Mother Nature bothering you as soon as we start our workout.  As many of us know, you can’t hold off and keep running if your colon needs to be emptied.  TMI, but true.

There a loads of quality bars out there for you to eat – they are convenient and include things like PowerBar, ClifBar and other breakfast bars.  Pre-packaged food is convenient, but it’s not your only option.  You can have oatmeal, yogurt, PB&J, toast and a banana and things like this.  The thing to remember is that you want quick and simple as you’re probably going to be tired.  Combine that with the knowledge that the simpler the food, the easier it is on your digestive system.

Your breakfast should become part of your routine and by having it be routine, think about foods that you can pack with you if you travel for a race.  If you aren’t able or willing to pack food, be sure to rotate breakfast foods at home that you can get at a hotel or convenience store when you travel for a race.  Routine is good, but you also need to be flexible so that no matter what happens or where you are, you aren’t thrown off by unfamiliar foods that may turn on you on race day.

See you Saturday!


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