Galloway Training – May 3, 2014 – Interval Alerts

WEEKLY TOPIC – Interval alerts

Intervals are used by runners and walkers to repeat specific segments of effort that will be repeated.  For some it is a fast run followed by a slow run or jog or in our case, a walk.  For Fitness Walkers it means a fast walk followed by a slower walk.  To simply manage these segments of effort we turn to our watches.  Most watches come with a timer which can be set to repeat intervals of equal length like speed up for 30 seconds and then slow down for 30 seconds.  For those who will need to do interval workouts that vary in length, an interval timer is an invaluable tool.

Many models of sport watches will have a two interval timer that will allow you to set on segment at say, 2 minutes and the other at 1 minute and have this pattern repeat until you turn it off.  These come in the form of watches, GPS watches, Apps on cell phones and the Gymboss timer, to name a few.  Each is priced differently and offers different training options.  If you haven’t made a purchase yet, list what features and functions you want in your watch and or timer and then do some research.  One feature that is being built into many of these tools is the ability to have it beep and/or vibrate.  The vibration is a fantastic feature because nowadays, in a race, everyone is beeping and the vibration on your wrist, hip or cap is an unmistakable indicator that it’s your turn to switch things up.

For those of you with a Garmin or looking into a Garmin, the 210, 220, 610 and 620 have both an Interval Timer and a Run/Walk alert.  For many of us, the Run/Walk alert is preferred.  Please see the following information from our Garmin rep to understand the difference, and how to set up your Garmin.  Note that I don’t have instructions for setting this up on older models.


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