Galloway Training – June 14 – Do You Need Hydration Help – Try Generation UCAN

As endurance athletes, we all have to address hydration at one time or another.  We have to decide when to hydrate, how much to use and find products that don’t upset our stomachs and we often look for products that won’t negatively impact our waistlines.  Enter Generation UCAN.  UCAN is a carbohydrate that finally allows the body to burn fat by putting you in the metabolic state to release (instead of store) body fat. UCAN controls blood sugar and insulin and is a powerful tool to help optimize workouts and achieve weight loss results.

UCAN for Breakfast

Having UCAN for breakfast will help you control blood sugar in the morning and start your day off in
a fat-burning mode.

UCAN shake as a side with a healthy breakfast
• 1 scoop Chocolate UCAN, 8 oz. almond/soy milk or cold water, shake well

UCAN as the carbohydrate portion of a breakfast shake:
• 1 packet Chocolate UCAN, 1 tbsp. peanut/almond butter, 8 oz. water, blend with ice

UCAN at Night
Nighttime snackers can try UCAN as part of a healthy dessert shake to control blood sugar,
cravings, and nighttime overeating. Instead of 50 grams of sugar in an average bowl of ice cream, try
making your own UCAN ice cream.

UCAN Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream
• 1 packet Chocolate UCAN, 1 tbsp. all-natural peanut butter, 4-6 oz almond milk, blend with
10 ice cubes (use extra ice for added thickness)

Generation UCAN’s revolutionary nutrition can benefit us in a variety of
ways. Here are some common situations where UCAN is helpful:

1) You need help fueling for a long run!
• UCAN is a slow-burning carbohydrate that releases steadily over time, delivering long lasting
energy without needing to re-fuel frequently!
• 1 packet of UCAN taken before a workout lasts for 90 minutes to 2 hours; For runs longer
than 2 hours, use an additional packet of UCAN every 75-90 minutes!

2) People who struggle to eat before a run or who get GI distress from gels!
• UCAN is very gentle on the stomach; you don’t feel it in your stomach 10-15 minutes after
you drink it; use less water to prevent “sloshing”!
• The simple sugars and maltodextrin found in most gels/chews are small molecules that sit
in the stomach and exert pressure on your GI tract, which can cause discomfort!
• UCAN’s carbohydrate is a large molecule that exits your stomach rapidly! !

3) People looking to maintain/lose weight!
• Simple carbs like bagels, cereal, gels/chews enter the system rapidly and cause a spike in
blood sugar levels (too much sugar in your blood); the body responds to by saying “burn
the sugar first, don’t burn fat”; this is why people can gain weight during marathon training!
• UCAN’s carbohydrate releases steadily into your body and gives you calories at the rate
you need them, allowing you to burn more fat for fuel and improve body composition!
• Drinking the protein UCAN after a workout can help control your appetite by keeping your
blood sugar stable; low blood sugar after a workout is what often causes us to overeat

For those of you like Liza, who run first thing in the morning and are hungry, you could try one of two
things to help with the hunger. Try one of our protein flavors (I know you try to stay away from whey) or add a
scoop of your own vegan protein powder to one of the other flavors. Vanilla protein powder mixes well with the berry flavors or you can use any flavor protein powder with the plain UCAN. The protein will help curb hunger and you’ll get the steady energy release from our carb.

The other option would be to eat a small breakfast along with UCAN. I would recommend half a banana with some peanut butter or almond butter rather than just an entire banana, as mixing in some protein and fat with the carbs from the banana will help slow the blood sugar spike and allow UCAN to work better. You could also try eating a couple scrambled eggs and/or some avocado as well.

In general, foods that work best with UCAN are sources of protein/fat that do not spike blood sugar. The purpose of UCAN is to provide a slow release carb that maintains blood sugar and energy for a long time, so as much as possible you want to try not to mix it with too many fast-acting carbs that will spike blood sugar and cause highs and lows in energy.


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