Spring Training Begins on April 11 – Join Us!

Saturday, April 11 – 8 AM – Tropical Smoothie Café – 1556 Potomac Greens Dr, Alexandria, VA 22314; Tel: (703) 299-8315. Landmarks at the intersection for Potomac Greens Drive – Rustico Restaurant and Buzz Bakery.

DO NOT PARK – in the lot directly behind the café, or the sister lot across the street.  Please park along Potomac Greens Drive as the on-street parking is free.

Come dressed and ready to work out, which includes a sports watch or GPS if you have it, and water.  Our rule is, no water, no run – no exceptions!  Water in your car doesn’t count as you will not be running or walking in your car.  Water is your first line of defense and needs to be on your person during all group workouts.  NO HEADPHONES ALLOWED at a group workout, ever!  If you have to have music, a Galloway training group may not be right for you.  It is a safety hazard, and so much learning comes from the conversations you will have with your Pace Group Leader and group members.

It may be a bit cool for some at the start but it will actually be good weather to work up a bit of a sweat.  Be sure to have a change of clothes and shoes (and money) in the car for breakfast at Tropical Smoothie Café after our workout, and for the errands you’ll end up running on the way home.  Baby wipes come in hand as well.

Our distance this week will be approximately 3 miles (Alumni will have an opportunity to get up to 5 miles).  We will do a warm up followed by a timed mile and a cool down, back to the starting point.  We prefer to do timed miles on a track, but all of the local high school tracks are in use for 12 hour sporting events.  If you have a personal devise to track your mileage (GPS watch or cell phone) please bring it for this workout.  We will have people helping time you, but it minimizes the chaos a bit if people are able to capture their mile time.  Your timed mile will be used to sort you into Pace Groups for future workouts.  Walkers – your timed mile will be used in a similar fashion.  We have faster and slower walkers.

We meet as a group every Saturday through mid-November, with October 24 being the exception – that’s Marine Corps Marathon and 10k weekend.  We will meet at 8 am for a while, and start earlier as distance increases, and the weather warms up.  We do run in the rain, but we do not run in thunder/lightening.

As some are aware, for the marathoners, there will be about 5 long runs that will start at 5AM.  This start time is for the marathoners only.  Everyone else will start about an hour later, at a different location, to meet up with the marathoners, get in their distance and then drop off from the marathoners as they continue back to their starting point.  We do not have resources for those running shorter distances, to start at 5AM.  This is the third year with this system and it has worked pretty well.

We meet at locations along the Mount Vernon Trail, at Pacers Running at Pentagon Row, and at Washington Lee High School in Arlington.  NOTE: we often run on Federal Park Land and are required to have a permit.  This dictates the size of the group, how we enter/exit the trail, start/finish points and times and what we can have at our aid stations.

REGISTRATION – Registration is open and done on line at http://www.active.com/arlington-va/running/distance-running-races/metrodc-galloway-training-apr-11-oct-24-2015.  While you will have to pay the service charge, you should know that there hasn’t been a price increase in more than 13 years. If you’re not sure if you want to join yet, you are welcome to try us out for the month of April.

If you are not able to join us for the timed mile, please run a timed mile during the week and email that time to us. If you’re racing this weekend, send us your average pace for the race and we will work from there.

See you Saturday,

Liza and Floyd (and your Pace Group Leaders)

Metro DC Galloway Program Directors
Jeff Galloway Training Programs
Contact us at: MarathonTraining.DCMetro@gmail.com

Website – metrodcgalloway.wordpress.com
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Metro-DC-Galloway-Marathon-Training/164276703591651

Twitter – @metrodcgalloway

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