Galloway Training – April 18 – 8 AM – Washington Lee High School

Galloway Training – April 18 – 8 AM – Washington & Lee High School

OUR LOCATION – this week is Washington & Lee High School. Meet and park in Parking Lot A at 8:00 AM.  This lot is to the left of the school if you’re facing the front of the school on N. Stafford Street.  BATHROOMS – are located at the back of the school where the swimming pool entrance is.  Please give yourself extra time as it’s a big building.

The address is: 1301 N Stafford St. Arlington, VA 22201.  Street parking also available.

You can find directions to the school from their website –
We are meeting at the school to get in this week’s mileage, and so that anyone who hasn’t had a chance to run their timed mile, can do so.
Runners will cover 4 miles and new Fitness Walkers will do 30 minutes.  Alumni walkers will add on mileage after the new walkers are dropped off at the school.
For everyone who has run their timed mile and wants their time and pace group, please see the columns across from your name when you sign out for the run.
People have asked about being able being in the same pace group as their friends.  The answer to that is determined by your magic miles.  If your mile time is about the same, then you’ll be in the same pace group.  If one of you is faster than the other, then you will both need to run in the slower group.
NEW MEMBERS – Books and shirts will be distributed this week.  Please wear your shirts so that we can easily spot you on the trail.  It will take a few weeks for us to put all of the names and faces together.  Please start reading your Galloway book whether you’re walking or running.  The books have a lot of good information and are a great reference when you have questions during the season.
REGISTRATION – Registration is open at  All registration is done on line.  While you will have to pay the service charge, you should know that there hasn’t been a price increase since before I joined the program in 2002.  If you’re not sure if you want to join yet, you are welcome to try us out for the month of April.
We meet as a group every Saturday through mid-November, with October 24 being the exception – that’s Marine Corps Marathon and 10k weekend.  We will meet at 8 am for a while, and start earlier as distance increases, and the weather warms up.  We do run in the rain, but we do not run in thunder/lightening.
We meet at locations along the Mount Vernon Trail, at Pacers Running at Pentagon Row, and at Washington Lee High School in Arlington.  NOTE: we often run on Federal Park Land and are required to have a permit.  This dictates the size of the group, how we enter/exit the trail, start/finish points and times and what we can have at our aid stations.
You will need to carry water with you for every group workout.  Headphones are not allowed during group workouts.  If you have a GPS device or watch with chronograph, and interval times, please bring them with you.  Your Pace Group Leader (PGL) will be calling out the run/walk/run intervals, but you can set your device so that you learn how to use it.  Everyone follows the Pace Group Leader – don’t change what you’re doing just because your device says so.  You need to learn to use your device so that you’re develop a level of self sufficiency.  It’s very likely that your PGL won’t be doing races with you, and you need to know how to manage yourself without them there.

Liza and Floyd

Metro DC Galloway Program Directors


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