Galloway Training – May 9 – Supplement your Learning

WEEKLY TOPIC – Supplement your Learning –

By now, just about everyone has received their book and has started reading.  Everyone who has registered will receive a subscription to Runner’s World magazine.  The subscriptions are submitted quarterly by HQ, and then it takes about 2 months for the magazines to hit your homes.  Feel free to pick up copies at your local bookstore until your subscription arrives.  A slick, shiny magazine is a great way to get in some learning when you’re tired of your book.  Some have subscribed to Jeff Galloway’s newsletter and Twitter feeds as well as newsletters and postings from others like Runner’s World magazine, Competitor etc.  If you haven’t you should!  These resources, and many others will help you to be a more informed runner or walker.

Being informed is important as what we do is more than just getting outside 3 days a week to put in the requisite time on our feet.  Much of what we do is mental, very mental.  What we have in our minds or what gets in, can make or break a workout or a race.  The more you read and take in about what goes into a good workout, warning signs that wheels may be coming off the cart, and how to replace those wheels, will help you make the most of each workout.  Even the less than stellar workouts.

Knowledge comes in so many forms and the more you know, the more flexible and resilient you will become.  You will not be as shaken when things don’t go as planned.  You’ll learn how to assess your current situation, reach into your bag of tricks and pull out options to help you finish what you started or know that if you continue, you risk injury.  Knowing when to continue with adjustments or to halt a workout is a skill that requires putting egos to the side.  Smart athletes know that skipping a workout is better than having to skip an entire season, or missing out on that once in a lifetime race.

The 2015 Intervals and Schedule are posted in the Members Only section of the website –  The password is provided to registered members.

To join our program, go to


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