Galloway Training – May 23 – I’m Going to Miss a Group Workout, What do I do?

I’m Going to Miss a Group Workout, What do I do?

This topic has come up several times in the last couple of weeks as people see how the schedule and life collide. The real questions are, will you put on your sneakers and how much time or distance can you realistically cover by yourself?

Be realistic about your time away. Decide if you want to work out or if you just want to take some time off. There are no wrong answers, but why waste valuable suitcase space if you’re not going to work out. Leave the gear at home along with the guilt. You’ll feel guiltier if you pack all of your gear and never use it.

If you’ve decided you will work out, you need to determine where you’ll do it. Treadmill, local gym or will you look for a local Galloway Group or reach out to a local running store or Road Runners Club or America chapter to see if you can meet up with them to get in some miles. I get in the car and drive around to find as many miles of wide road as possible. This way, I know that I can get in my goal miles if I have the time or the energy to do so. While scouting, I look for convenience stores, bathrooms, diners and bushes. I use the stores to buy snacks and drinks and load up on ice, and I use the bushes to hide a spare bottle for the back end of my run. This allows me to carry very little but still be well supported. Given I usually have to do 20 miles when I’m away, I have someone go with me when I scout, so they know where I am if I call to get a ride home. Yup, I carry my cell phone.

For your trip, you might find that some of your travel companions want to get in on the action. Share your goals, set the schedule and aim to get in one of the workouts you’ve planned. Given you’re most likely on vacation, or on a work trip to a cool location, enjoy it! Don’t let running keep you from having fun.

As for the long distance that you may have missed while you were gone, don’t worry, we have that covered. Just let us know when you get back, what distance you missed, and we will decide how to safely get you caught up. We generally will have you drop back to a slower pace group, or we will send you out with your regular group, and have you walk the difference between your last long workout, and the distance the group is doing that day. Most of the time this means you’ll walk the last couple of miles. This lets you more safely cover the distance. Walkers typically reduce their walk pace and cover the distance. You don’t need to run or walk everything in training to race successfully.

Your rule of thumb when you’re away should be to get in one workout and anything else is gravy.


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