Galloway Training – April 12 – 7:30 AM – Washington and Lee High School

OUR LOCATION – this week is Washington & Lee High School. Meet and Park in Parking Lot A at 7:30 AM.

This lot is to the left of the school if you’re facing the front of the school on N. Stafford Street. The address is: 1301 N Stafford St. Arlington, VA 22201.  Street parking also available.

You can find specific directions to the school by pasting this link into your browser.

Our Workout this week – Fitness Walkers – 30 Minutes Getting Started 5k – 1 Mile 10 Mile, Half and Full Marathon – 4 Miles

WEEKLY TOPIC – I received an email from a new member who has been reading the “Training Programs” book.  She asked a very valid question – one that’s probably shared by other new members or those moving to a new goal race distance.  While this question is from a runner, the response holds true for the Fitness Walkers too.  The other thing to note is that individual pace doesn’t greatly affect my response to the question.

Hi,  For our runs on Tuesday and Thursday, is the focus on time or distance?  In the book it calls for running 30 minutes but at my pace that equates to 2 miles each night.  As I move through the program I hope my pace will become faster and that 2 miles will become longer.  Can you give me some guidance in terms of time or distance during the interim :)?

Liza’s Response – “Hi – 30 minutes. You get what you get at this point, and I’m 12 years in and that’s my 30 minute mileage.   If you were running 45 minutes before you joined, then continue. If not, then go with 30 minutes.  We have 29 weeks to get you ready, but only if you don’t over train and get hurt, because you’re over eager.  Bottle this extra energy and excitement – you’ll need to pull it out in a few months.  Love my newbies – they ask the greatest questions!”

Training is a long process and you should try not to judge yourself harshly or rush to improve.  While it can be tempting to do extra training, resist the urge and instead, practice patience rather than running or walking.  If the schedule says rest or cross-train, that’s what you do.  If the schedule says OFF/REST, then that’s what you do.  It will make you crazy while the mileage is low and the weather is cool, but as we get deeper into the season, you will find that you need and cherish those moments of rest and recovery more than you ever thought you could.

If you can’t stand to sit still, reach out to a buddy and talk about it and ask them to distract you.  Go get a pedicure or massage, read a book, plan your race schedule or see when you can volunteer for a race.

Following the prescription as Jeff Galloway lays it out for you in the books (and from your Program Directors and Pace Group Leaders), and resisting the whispers from the troublemaker on your shoulder, will get you through each week and to the starting line of your chosen race.  We can’t guarantee that you won’t get hurt, but we know what needs to be done to minimize the risk.

See you Saturday!