Galloway Training – May 9 – Supplement your Learning

WEEKLY TOPIC – Supplement your Learning –

By now, just about everyone has received their book and has started reading.  Everyone who has registered will receive a subscription to Runner’s World magazine.  The subscriptions are submitted quarterly by HQ, and then it takes about 2 months for the magazines to hit your homes.  Feel free to pick up copies at your local bookstore until your subscription arrives.  A slick, shiny magazine is a great way to get in some learning when you’re tired of your book.  Some have subscribed to Jeff Galloway’s newsletter and Twitter feeds as well as newsletters and postings from others like Runner’s World magazine, Competitor etc.  If you haven’t you should!  These resources, and many others will help you to be a more informed runner or walker.

Being informed is important as what we do is more than just getting outside 3 days a week to put in the requisite time on our feet.  Much of what we do is mental, very mental.  What we have in our minds or what gets in, can make or break a workout or a race.  The more you read and take in about what goes into a good workout, warning signs that wheels may be coming off the cart, and how to replace those wheels, will help you make the most of each workout.  Even the less than stellar workouts.

Knowledge comes in so many forms and the more you know, the more flexible and resilient you will become.  You will not be as shaken when things don’t go as planned.  You’ll learn how to assess your current situation, reach into your bag of tricks and pull out options to help you finish what you started or know that if you continue, you risk injury.  Knowing when to continue with adjustments or to halt a workout is a skill that requires putting egos to the side.  Smart athletes know that skipping a workout is better than having to skip an entire season, or missing out on that once in a lifetime race.

The 2015 Intervals and Schedule are posted in the Members Only section of the website –  The password is provided to registered members.

To join our program, go to


Galloway Training – May 2 – Walk Breaks


Post-run conversation last week centered around walking, and more specifically, walk pace. The key takeaway, is that your walk pace plays a large role in determining your overall pace. Whether you’re a Fitness Walker or a Runner, if you’re racing, you are on the clock and have to maintain pace.

Regardless of which pace group you’re in, you want to focus on your walking. Your walk shouldn’t be a stroll. Your walk should be purposeful. It should be contributing to your forward motion. Many think that they can’t recover from a run if they walk to fast. Runners should be recovering their breath in about 10 seconds and using the remaining 20 seconds to hydrate or fuel so they’re ready for the next run. To help recover your breath, you want to control your huffing and puffing. To do this, go ahead and take that big inhale. When you’re ready to exhale, make it a long and slow effort, like you’re blowing through a straw. The longer your exhale, the quicker you will calm your breathing. This takes practice, but if you use this when you’re recovering, you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly. The other trick, is to practice this controlled breathing when you notice yourself huffing and puffing during the run segment.

Walkers, while you have less concern about huffing and puffing, you still need to focus on your walk. Everyone has more than one pace and if you want to increase your pace, focus on your hands. There’s a phenomenon with walking that forces the feet to follow the hands. If your hands are gently swinging by your sides, your walk will be gentle. If you want to pick up the pace, start pumping your arms a bit. You will see that your feet begin to move faster as well. On your mid-weeks, practice picking up the pace. Try to power walk between lamp posts or on the straight sections of a track. You will find that you can improve your overall pace with just a bit of practice.

The other thing that each of us can do is to practice trying to catch the person in our group, or in a race who has that ridiculously fast walk. By trying to catch them literally, or in your mind’s eye, you will improve your own walking, and see your pace and race times improve.

Galloway Training – April 18 – 8 AM – Washington Lee High School

Galloway Training – April 18 – 8 AM – Washington & Lee High School

OUR LOCATION – this week is Washington & Lee High School. Meet and park in Parking Lot A at 8:00 AM.  This lot is to the left of the school if you’re facing the front of the school on N. Stafford Street.  BATHROOMS – are located at the back of the school where the swimming pool entrance is.  Please give yourself extra time as it’s a big building.

The address is: 1301 N Stafford St. Arlington, VA 22201.  Street parking also available.

You can find directions to the school from their website –
We are meeting at the school to get in this week’s mileage, and so that anyone who hasn’t had a chance to run their timed mile, can do so.
Runners will cover 4 miles and new Fitness Walkers will do 30 minutes.  Alumni walkers will add on mileage after the new walkers are dropped off at the school.
For everyone who has run their timed mile and wants their time and pace group, please see the columns across from your name when you sign out for the run.
People have asked about being able being in the same pace group as their friends.  The answer to that is determined by your magic miles.  If your mile time is about the same, then you’ll be in the same pace group.  If one of you is faster than the other, then you will both need to run in the slower group.
NEW MEMBERS – Books and shirts will be distributed this week.  Please wear your shirts so that we can easily spot you on the trail.  It will take a few weeks for us to put all of the names and faces together.  Please start reading your Galloway book whether you’re walking or running.  The books have a lot of good information and are a great reference when you have questions during the season.
REGISTRATION – Registration is open at  All registration is done on line.  While you will have to pay the service charge, you should know that there hasn’t been a price increase since before I joined the program in 2002.  If you’re not sure if you want to join yet, you are welcome to try us out for the month of April.
We meet as a group every Saturday through mid-November, with October 24 being the exception – that’s Marine Corps Marathon and 10k weekend.  We will meet at 8 am for a while, and start earlier as distance increases, and the weather warms up.  We do run in the rain, but we do not run in thunder/lightening.
We meet at locations along the Mount Vernon Trail, at Pacers Running at Pentagon Row, and at Washington Lee High School in Arlington.  NOTE: we often run on Federal Park Land and are required to have a permit.  This dictates the size of the group, how we enter/exit the trail, start/finish points and times and what we can have at our aid stations.
You will need to carry water with you for every group workout.  Headphones are not allowed during group workouts.  If you have a GPS device or watch with chronograph, and interval times, please bring them with you.  Your Pace Group Leader (PGL) will be calling out the run/walk/run intervals, but you can set your device so that you learn how to use it.  Everyone follows the Pace Group Leader – don’t change what you’re doing just because your device says so.  You need to learn to use your device so that you’re develop a level of self sufficiency.  It’s very likely that your PGL won’t be doing races with you, and you need to know how to manage yourself without them there.

Liza and Floyd

Metro DC Galloway Program Directors

Spring Training Begins on April 11 – Join Us!

Saturday, April 11 – 8 AM – Tropical Smoothie Café – 1556 Potomac Greens Dr, Alexandria, VA 22314; Tel: (703) 299-8315. Landmarks at the intersection for Potomac Greens Drive – Rustico Restaurant and Buzz Bakery.

DO NOT PARK – in the lot directly behind the café, or the sister lot across the street.  Please park along Potomac Greens Drive as the on-street parking is free.

Come dressed and ready to work out, which includes a sports watch or GPS if you have it, and water.  Our rule is, no water, no run – no exceptions!  Water in your car doesn’t count as you will not be running or walking in your car.  Water is your first line of defense and needs to be on your person during all group workouts.  NO HEADPHONES ALLOWED at a group workout, ever!  If you have to have music, a Galloway training group may not be right for you.  It is a safety hazard, and so much learning comes from the conversations you will have with your Pace Group Leader and group members.

It may be a bit cool for some at the start but it will actually be good weather to work up a bit of a sweat.  Be sure to have a change of clothes and shoes (and money) in the car for breakfast at Tropical Smoothie Café after our workout, and for the errands you’ll end up running on the way home.  Baby wipes come in hand as well.

Our distance this week will be approximately 3 miles (Alumni will have an opportunity to get up to 5 miles).  We will do a warm up followed by a timed mile and a cool down, back to the starting point.  We prefer to do timed miles on a track, but all of the local high school tracks are in use for 12 hour sporting events.  If you have a personal devise to track your mileage (GPS watch or cell phone) please bring it for this workout.  We will have people helping time you, but it minimizes the chaos a bit if people are able to capture their mile time.  Your timed mile will be used to sort you into Pace Groups for future workouts.  Walkers – your timed mile will be used in a similar fashion.  We have faster and slower walkers.

We meet as a group every Saturday through mid-November, with October 24 being the exception – that’s Marine Corps Marathon and 10k weekend.  We will meet at 8 am for a while, and start earlier as distance increases, and the weather warms up.  We do run in the rain, but we do not run in thunder/lightening.

As some are aware, for the marathoners, there will be about 5 long runs that will start at 5AM.  This start time is for the marathoners only.  Everyone else will start about an hour later, at a different location, to meet up with the marathoners, get in their distance and then drop off from the marathoners as they continue back to their starting point.  We do not have resources for those running shorter distances, to start at 5AM.  This is the third year with this system and it has worked pretty well.

We meet at locations along the Mount Vernon Trail, at Pacers Running at Pentagon Row, and at Washington Lee High School in Arlington.  NOTE: we often run on Federal Park Land and are required to have a permit.  This dictates the size of the group, how we enter/exit the trail, start/finish points and times and what we can have at our aid stations.

REGISTRATION – Registration is open and done on line at  While you will have to pay the service charge, you should know that there hasn’t been a price increase in more than 13 years. If you’re not sure if you want to join yet, you are welcome to try us out for the month of April.

If you are not able to join us for the timed mile, please run a timed mile during the week and email that time to us. If you’re racing this weekend, send us your average pace for the race and we will work from there.

See you Saturday,

Liza and Floyd (and your Pace Group Leaders)

Metro DC Galloway Program Directors
Jeff Galloway Training Programs
Contact us at:

Website –
Facebook –

Twitter – @metrodcgalloway

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2015 Galloway Training Season Starts April 11

Train to run the 2015 Army Ten Miler, Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon or Marine Corps Marathon with us – Metro DC Galloway!  Come learn about our chapter and the Galloway Method at our Free Spring Info Session

Saturday, March 28,2015, 7:30AM – 8:30AM
Pacers Running Store
10427 North St, Fairfax, VA 22030
(free parking is available near Panera and Pure Om Yoga of Fairfax, less than one block away.)

Come dressed to work out!
Following the Info Session with Program Directors Liza and
Floyd, join us for a short (totally optional) run using Jeff Galloway’s
Run/Walk/Run method. See how it can work for you!

Not a runner? Then our Fitness Walker (walk-only)
Training Program is for you. Our Walkers train for distances up to the 1/2 Marathon.

Our Spring Training Program will
run from April 11 – October 24, 2015.

We offer: Supported Group Runs every Saturday morning
Galloway Training Programs or Walking Book
Galloway wicking t-shirt
Jeff Galloway Newsletter
Discounts at Galloway Schools & Retreats
Galloway Medal and more…

We run along the Mount Vernon Trail, from Washington Lee High School and Pacers at Pentagon Row.

Questions? Contact Liza or Floyd

Galloway Training – September 20 – eRacing Fear

eRACING Fear –

We are a bunch of runners and walkers, and almost by default, we are a bunch of people who do races as well.  Coupled with our habit and inability to refuse anything that gives us bling when we’re done, is quite often, pre-race jitters or fear.  This fear didn’t exist when we had the bright idea to sign up for the race, or we wouldn’t have signed up, right?.  Our friends, family and training partners assured us that we would be ready and that it would be “fun”.  Fast forward to a month or so before the race – all of a sudden, you have some regrets about your decision and a slow boiling panic sets in.  Should I still do the race?  Am I really ready to take on this distance?  Add to it that no race starts at your front door.  How will I get there?  Where will I park?  Should I fly, drive, train, stay at a hotel in a single room or with roommates?  Should I go to the pasta dinner?  Do I have my confirmation number and the big one for Galloway runners, how will I do my intervals with all of those non-interval running people around me?
Now, step back, take a breath and know that this fear is not unique to you.  It hits many of us at some point.  The fear hits first-time racers as well as if you’re racing a new distance, or if this is the first time you’re travelling to a race.  It happened when I travelled alone to my first race out of state.  I was panicked that my flight would be delayed and I’d miss packet pick up and wouldn’t be able to run the race. It hit me again last week while packing for my first Ragnar 200 mile Road Relay on September 12 and 13.  For me, Ragnar was a huge unknown – how does this whole 12 people, two vans, two days, really work.  I was sure that I’d be the lone runner who would get lost in the woods during my leg in the middle of the night (12:30 – 1:30AM).  Mind you, I signed up for the race almost 6 months ago, and I didn’t have a bit of nerves until September 11 when I started packing.  The nerves actually prevented me from packing – I couldn’t think my way through it.  Then I remembered the emails I’d received with packing lists and suggested items.  I started packing, then I looked to see if I’d over packed, or left out something I’d need.  With packing finally done, I left the rest up to fate and my van-mates to help me with anything I’d overlooked.  From there, it was time to go meet the team, load our van and head out.  I knew 2 other people in the van, the other four were Facebook running friends – huge unknown!  I calmed a bit for the ride to our starting point but the nerves set in again as I watched how the handoff between runners worked.  I was sure I’d mess that up, and one time I actually did.  I was in the port-o-john when my runner came in to handoff to me.  I hear everyone calling for team 76 and I had to holler “I’m Coming!” from behind the closed door.  At least I wasn’t the first person on our team or any other, to be in dispose, when it was time for a handoff. Lesson learned – don’t eat ANY strange food when you’re racing – no strange food at all.  Stick to what you’ve tested on training runs.  Use those foods on the course and for in van snacking.  Eat regular foods after the race.
While a relay has unique logistics, it’s still a race that you have to get ready for, and races are no different than our training runs and walks.  Almost every one of us has overslept for a training run and had to figure out how to catch up with the group, or make up the miles.  Having to open the store at 4:30 AM means I sleep with one eye open every third Friday.  This fear is a normal response, and there are things we can do to minimize the stress.  First, have a routine.  Start on Thursday with food, fuel, hydration, and washing all of your running gear so that it’s dry by Friday.  Friday – check the weather and if you think of something  you need, chuck it into your bag so that it makes it out the door with you on Saturday.  Friday morning, if not Thursday – set your alarm for Saturday (or race) morning so it’s done.  Friday night – right after work, before dinner, lay out your gear and pack your fluids, fuel etc. and get it as close to the door as possible.  If your fluids are in the fridge, leave yourself a big note at the door – WATER BOTTLE.
Once you know you’ve done all you can to make things go your way, throw caution to the wind and hit the road.  From there, treat the training workout or race like a book you’re reading and you can’t wait to find out how it ends.  You’re not nervous when you’re reading the book, you’re riveted.  Be riveted by the challenge you’ve signed up for and just keep turning the pages (miles) and find out how it ends.

Galloway Training – August 2 – Running and Walking Shoes

WEEKLY TOPIC – Running and Walking shoes –

As many of you may know, Liza works part time at a running specialty store.  She started working in the industry 7 years after she started running, but she started shopping for her running shoes at a run specialty store about 3 months after she started running.  She started shopping at a run specialty store because she made the rookie mistake of going to a big box store and picking out her shoes by herself and based on price; it was a really great price!  She had no idea of the science behind the fit and function of running and walking shoes.

Running and walking shoes are one of the biggest and most frequent expenses that we have, but they are an integral part of our athletic pursuits.  Without our shoes, it’s impossible for us to get out and get moving.  While we all need other gear for a workout, if we head out the door without our shoes, our mileage will be pretty low that day.

There are a lot of shoe choices, but for Walkers, the typical walking shoe is leather.  Leather walking shoes are good if you’re traveling and need a shoe that will allow you to walk around all day, and have something that may translate to a casual dinner.  Your feet will stay dry, but on a hot day, your feet will get very hot.  Leather walking shoes also stretch just like a street shoe.   You don’t want your shoe stretched out for working out, you want it to retain it’s shape.

For our group of Runners and Walkers, running shoes are best, and getting fit at a running specialty store is your best choice.  Run specialty stores are staffed by runners of various skills, abilities and distance preferences.  They understand your need to get out and pound the pavement, and they understand the little idiosyncrasies we each have about the fit and feel of our shoes.

When you go to get fit for new shoes, go after a run (and a shower) as your feet will be a bit swollen, and any body parts that get cranky after a workout, will probably be cranky.  Cranky and swollen is good because you will more easily perceive when a new shoe pinches or rubs you the wrong way.

Talk to store staff about the type of workouts you do and your distance goals for the next four to five months as well as your goals for six to 8 months.  You want to discuss these because those of you who are training for six months at a time, will get a pair at the beginning of the training season, and will need to get a second pair about two months before your goal race or races.  This may seem extreme, but the mid-sole of the shoe (area that runs the length of your foot) gives you support, cushioning and structure, begins to break down long before many shoes look bad in the mesh upper or the out-sole (bottom) of the shoe.

If you’ve never been fit before, give yourself about an hour for the entire process.  You should expect to try on several pair of shoes before you find a pair that you think will work.  You should expect to have staff do a gait analysis to see how you move from heel to toe and then be shown shoes and possibly inserts that work with your gait.  If you’ve been fit and are just getting a new pair of shoes, give yourself 30 minutes.  You may be out in 10 minutes if the manufacturer hasn’t made any changes to your shoe model other than the color.  If the manufacturer makes an update to a shoe model, it may feel different, and you may want to try on a few other shoes similar to yours in order to decide if you like the change or need to change shoes.

Once you get your new shoes, confirm the return and exchange policy before you leave the store.  Make sure you can do a couple of workouts, and if the shoe isn’t working out, that you can exchange it for something else.  Then take your new shoes out for a spin.  Keep them as clean as possible, but try them out and make sure they feel good all around.  If they do, toss the box and get moving.  If they aren’t right, head back to the store and revisit one of the other pair of shoes that you tried on and see if they are a keeper.

If you workout year round, expect to go through 3-6 pair of shoes annually.  This seems expensive, but we spend too much time in our shoes for them not to fit and feel good.  You also spend too much time being active to ruin your body by wearing shoes that aren’t matching your gait, and supporting you throughout your active life.
EVENING FUN RUNS AND WALKS – Our fun runs and walks are held at 6:30 pm on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.  See the Calendar tab on the website ( for full details. Friends and family are welcome.

Our next two Evening Fun Runs and Walks are August 14 and August 28, at Tropical Smoothie Cafe- 1556 Potomac Greens Dr, Alexandria.  You can change there if you can’t change before the run.  After the run many of us stay to chat and have a light bite before heading home.  We have calendar invites through the Facebook page too.

We are looking into doing an evening run at a track to practice our pacing and do a magic mile.  Stay tuned!